Talent Management

Manage the whole process, from training identification and selection, traning management and evaluation, all the way to talent management

With Vanilla-HR, Keeping an Eye on Talent is simpler than you thought

Vanilla-HR is very effective in managing the whole learning process. Starting with needs assessment, Vanilla-HR can help you build a clear understanding of your staff's knowledge, be it academic education, certification, or competencies based on performance evaluation, employee profiles and strategic plans. The analysis will help you take the right decision in terms of areas of focus as well as setting your own timelines and agendas.

The system provides you with a full interface used to identify training providers along with filtration tools to select trainers based on expertise, previous experience/evaluation and budget. All stages of training are managed through Vanilla (room selection, schedule, outlines, feedback reports, budget). Supervisors and attendees can fill post-training evaluations (learning experience, changes in behavior...). Reports of training activities and talent development are clearly summarized for future actions.

Manage Training Providers and Trainings Offered

Manage trainings through linking training providers to training topics.

Maintain full history of Training Provided (feedback, attendees, content,…)

Manage Trainings

Easily assign trainees to available training sessions (Either manually or through self-service Portal Access). Calendars can be shared for based on training needs analysis, performance appraisals, and competency based learning management.

Assess Trainings

Training Specialists can monitor training progress both during training sessions, post training evaluation/assessments, and through the knowledge and skills development stages (coordinated with supervisors). Full cycle management allows for detailed analytics of progress and gaps.

Training Needs Analysis

Assign trainings to your workforce, create assessments and give certificates on completion Identify personalized training needs to support goals and career aspirations

Talent Management

Manage enterprise talent by controlling the company’s learning (internal / external content) and employee compliance.

Assign trainings to your workforce, create assessments and give certificates on completion

Easy handling of logistics

Training specialists can manage/share trainng schedules, outlines and content. Vanilla-HR teams up with RDC Connect, to provide learners with a variety of interesting tools to run live interactive trainings, set aside the traditional training room capacity/resources/budget handling.

Monitoring Learning Cycle

Training Specialists can monitor the various stages of training be it attendance, on session assessments, satisfaction....notifications allow for immediate interventions in order to assure ultimate results.

Learning Process is fully aligned

Align learning with career paths

Align learning to Onboarding, jobs and positions, promotions, competencies, and more.

Employee Engagement

Analyze engagement and act on areas that need improvement.

Track and report on compliance in terms of attendance, assessment, skill development and competence.