Core HR

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Your reposatory of information

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A Solid Base does miracles

Thanks to our structured design, Core HR is the base of every other function and it is highly organized to give you a seamless flow in designing jobs, reviewing org charts, signing contracts, updating employee records and producing reports for analytics and deeper structural understanding

Personnel Information

The Personnel Directory contains records for all present and past employees, as well as contractors. The Directory can be searched and queried so that you have ready access to all the information you need including:

  • Contact information

  • Full Contract information

  • Promotion, salary increases, development, …

  • Position relationship in the organizational chart

  • Access employee profile in one click

Multifunctional Control Windows

To provide ease of control, in one window you can manage to Transfer an employee to another branch, Review medical information (text and attachments), Submit reviews on application, assign new qualifications and skills, add Various types of attachments, manage bank accounts, update and edit personal infomration, manage employee status and view resumes.

Contracts History

Easily check on an employees previous and current contracts and manage any ammendments and renewal either manually or automatically.

Detailed Employee Record


Employee information can be entered and updated by employees themselves based on established rules through Employee Self Service. Keep track of important data including:

  • Detailed biographical information
  • Medical history & emergency contacts
  • Timesheets & attendance

HR Policies & Documents


Core HR allows you to manage your HR documents. Store and access any type of documents online be it a PDF, Word or Excel doc, video or email.

  • Store all your essential policies and documents in one place.
  • Set permission levels to control access to sensitive information.
  • Send policy updates to relevant employees easily.

Detailed Employee Profiles

Employee profiles are built during the recruitment process, however, the management of the profile is a continuous process that is done by various HR functions (recruitment, performance, talent and training, compensation and benefits).

Organization Chart with special Zoom In features

Vanilla gives access to a visual org chart so any user can quickly see an employee, teams, departments, or even the entire workforce within hierarchy, even allowing for adjustments from the chart to introduce new positions and assign vacancies.

Interactive Org chart Management

The Smart Org Chart allows you to: 1- View full chart or Zoom in to Department Level 2- Review positions by titles and job holders 3- Assign new vacancies and readjust positions