Compensation and Benefits

The timely and annoying process of preparing the payroll is now covered in a few steps

But there is more

With a solid Competency Based mindset, we have designed the Compensation and Benefits Module in a highly structured way reaching a stage where a single click gets your payroll coming out accurate each and every time.

The module is integrated with contract management, time and attendance, leave management, salary scale, government regulations and taxes. 

The system automatically calculates all additions and deductions and allows you to do any necessary amendments prior to posting the payroll.

By linking employee performance reviews, salary levels and position budgets, this module enables you to make the most informed decisions possible about the worth and compensation of each employee on the team.

Remunerations Design to Reward & Motivate

Vanilla-HR provides interfaces to all commonly used payroll systems. Different payment types are supported: monthly salary, hourly wage, day rate, bonuses, premiums or calculation formulas for annual payments. All relevant information on remuneration is presented in one system.

Optimizing and streamlining the performance and salary review process with these modules will grow the efficiency and motivation of the organization as a whole and each employee on staff. It’s just one more way to fully know and analyze your bottom line, to make the system work smarter for you.

Simple Salary Preparation


Automate review periods, approval workflows and attendance records with complete control and transparency. Vanilla-HR allows users to manage salary scales, review total compensation and budgets, set bonus and custom reward scenarios.

Allow employees to check their details online

Employees are able to see their total rewards, including compensation and benefits.

  • View total compensation.
  • Display actual payroll data, including earnings, deductions, and pay components.

A single dashboard to monitor pay.

Analyze pay differences in your organization so you can better address potential pay inequality.

  • Measure pay across multiple factors including gender, location, performance, and job family.