Strategic HR

HR Intelligence at your reach

A whole suite of Dashboards and Reports

structured to give you clearer information

With every module, Vanilla-HR presents a suite of dashboards and reports with important information that helps Directors stay on top of  the current status, as well as arising challenges.

Our Dashboards are continually updated and remodeled to meet uprising HR metrics and assure system users have the ability to perform analytics with updates, accurate, and complete information. Users can make decisions on the order in which dashboards appear, as well as share certain dashboards with stakeholders from outside the HR Department.

Reports are comprehensive, with smart filters and reports generators that make the process of seeking information effective and speedy.

Dashboard and Analytics

Vanilla-HR allows you to pilot your HR decisions using a range of visual reports that offer concrete and actionable insights you can act on. Analytics empowers you to make informed decisions when it comes to hiring, elaborating career development plans, succession planning and risk management. By leveraging people analytics and business intelligence, you can align your HR strategy with overall business goals more effectively.

Better HR Analytics with Headcount Reports

Vanilla-HR gives you the ability to visualize your global headcount and drill down this information per department or business unit in a range of quick and simple reports.

Key HR Metrics Overview

Specify your HR Metrics and manage to prepare a monthly reports with detailed diagrams to review how your data is developing over the course of time.