Performance Management

Individual, Division, Department, Corporate

A cascaded performance model

covering objectives and competencies

Managing talent is all about developing the individual competence of your company’s greatest asset, your employees. Developing competence is most effectively accomplished with a comprehensive awareness of the performance measures of the team. Vanilla’s Performance Management module is comprehensive and allows to set organizational goals and departmental goals, then cascade those goals down to teams and individuals.

 Performance Management allows to set and identify the competence needs of each job, the relative level of those competencies for the job incumbents and a career path for ensuring continuity of your organizational competence. This competence profiling is linked with the ability to identify training needs and potential learning activities to achieve training and competence objectives.

Seeting Performance Targets

Vanilla-HR uses simple interfaces to allow managers to enter Organizationa, Departmental, Divisional and Individual Targets, KPIs and KRAs, Competencies, timeframes and weights.

Set Metrics for Performance Management


Define performance criteria and measure them against objectives. Build a high-performance culture with an organizational wide framework of objectives, goals, KPI’s, targets, competencies reflecting the needs of the position and strategic objectives of the team and organization as a whole.

Allow for continuous feedback and support, measurement and information management leading to superior talent management with reliable development plans.

Performance Management On Track

 Automate review cycles with custom workflows and dashboards offering managers & administrators full visibility of team-wide progress and performance. Quickly identify and drill into goals that are off track offering managers an opportunity to correct. Easily access all reviews and employee appraisal history from one dashboard.

Drive Performance KPIs

Create unlimited performance reviews and appraisals, with review period tailored to the unique requirements of your organization.  Assign reviews to positions, departments or people. Embed instructions and checklists to ensure reviewer and reviewee are on the same page and complete the review successfully.

Effective Appraisals

Managers can provide feedback on a daily basis, link feedback to specific objectives and competencies. Thereby, the performance Appraisal can be easily generated by compiling all reviews. Employees can view feedback if given permission on a daily basis and thereby can communicate effectively, develop their abilites/behaviors leading to a positive work culture.

Employee Performance Report

A simple visual comparison of performance and engagement at any level—from a few employees to the entire company—helps identify issues or highlight high-performing groups and individuals for recognition.

Learn how employees feel about your organization and why. Compare performance over time and across multiple factors to help identify issues, make improvements, and predict problems before they happen.