Talent Acquisition

Vanilla-HR’s Multifunctional Vacancy Management Platform

Recruitment Management was never so easy and efficient!

Vanilla-HR provides recruiters with a great hiring experience that feels seamless from application to offer letter. The aim is to help you reach for talent in an effective and timely manner.

With Vanilla-HR you centralize the hiring process by managing vacancies, recruitment requests, applicant assessment, tracking and communication, and your pre-employment checklists and onboarding process all from one main control panel.

Vanilla-HR helps you manage vacancies and create workflow driven requests sourced from position, job description and competency framework.

Transform recruitment into a measurable process empowering your teams with insight to manage, nurture and collaborate around top candidates resulting in faster and more effective hire.

Post Vacancies easily on your website as well as other social media tools

Easily manage your job advertisement and post it to your company website. In addition, we make it easy for you to share your job postings on job boards and on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Reach the top candidates right where they're searching.

Filling Resumes Online

Candidates can skim through vacancies and decide whethere to apply for an available vacancy, or simply send there resume while specifying fields of interest for later vacancies. Candidates manage to fill the application form online, as well as attach all requested documents using a variety of file formats.

Viewing Applicants

Comprehensive resumes are filled on the company website or through sending the application form. Reusmes can be printed or viewed online for review by various screening/interviewing parties.

Advanced Applicant Tracking

Centralize and control the process by managing vacancies, recruitment requests, applicant assessment, tracking and communication, and your pre-employment checklists and onboarding process all from one main control panel.

Apply Powerful Filters for Candidate Screening

Vanilla-HR provides an advanced filtering platform. Recruiters can apply multiple filters to downsize the available candidate list without the need to review each and every application. Setting various criteria to select candidates has never been so effective!

Multi-layered Filters

Vanilla-HR provides recruiters with a variety of filters which makes the screening process extremely effective. Filters include demographics, application dates, qualifications, certification and many other interesting criteria. Filters can be used seperately to create wider pools of candidates or grouped together for higher accuracy in screening.

Organized Screening

Vacancies are seperated through work folders, screening criteria and notes on screened candidates can all be viewed in the work folder. In addition, actions can be taken whether to decline a shortlisted candidate, assign an interview, interview and provide an evaluation, and cumulative evaluation score.

Organize Work Processing and Follow-ups


keeping Vacancy progress and applicant information organized through every phase of hiring so you can focus on finding the right talent for the job and creating a great candidate experience.

Manage vacancies and create workflow driven requests sourced from position, job description and competency framework. Ensure you attract the best candidate aligned to your values, culture and brand with absolute role clarity. Embed questionnaires and gather feedback on prescreen, interviews, reference, assessments and qualifications.

Manage results for further Action

Vanilla-HR provides reports and analytics to measure your time-to-hire, identify bottlenecks, and spot inconsistencies. We help you hire more efficiently, improve the candidate experience, and maximize your employer brand.

Dashboards and Reports

Recruiting managers can view the recruiting cycle through a variey of tools including funnel dashboards, detailed cycle reports and interview evaluations.


With Vanilla-HR's Onboarding module, you get to assign one or more supervisors to new joiners.

Supervisors can assign tasks and readings for new joiners to complete. New joiners can review assignments using their portal access, they can also review any posted feedback they have received. Supervisors can fill progress reports, add and amend tasks, and complete an evaluation form on a monthly basis to assure that the new joiner has received adequate orientation for a smooth integration.