HR Modules

Powerful and Innovative Cloud Based Solution to
Seamlessly manage HR functions, workflow, strategy and work environment.

Powered by an integrated and unified platform, Vanilla HR covers your talent acquisition and management, benefits administration, HR, work environment and payroll – giving easy reach to employees through a dedicated portal and smart workflow.

Engage your workforce for higher efficiency and improved results

With Vanilla-HR, you can strike a balance between company objectives achievement and keeping employees informed, satisfied and empowered. No matter what your industry is, you can easily customize Vanilla-HR to meet the expectations of people working in the organization.





Now your company can always be connected!

Covid 19 is one definite example of why your company should move to the cloud and enjoy using web-based facilities for increased reach, flexibility and efficiency of operations. However, with our advanced Permission Based Features, feel assured that your information is secure and be selective of the privelleges you hand to your team depending on their position and responsibility.

Your satisfaction is our inspiration

Our secret of success is simple - we continuously communicate with our clients in order to assure they are getting the highest levels of service the market can offer. We appreciate any feedback you give us, briefly, knowing you and your industry needs is the reason we call each other business partners, your growth means our flourishing. With Vanilla-HR, you can feel comfortable that any change in needs is sincerely attended to and that we can empower you with our tools to face your ever-growing needs. Vanilla-HR team innovate to satisfy client needs. Our team will devote time to engage all employees within your HR Department, assure that they are proficiently capable of using their specified modules and support your training needs upon any unexpected turnover.

More than an Intelligent Solution

The changes in technology require you to partner with a solution provider that steps beyond selling a software

Beyond a Signature

– simply put – we at Vanilla develop from a consultative approach, we engage you in every stage to assure our products meet your growth needs

An exact Match

we care for your feedback and strive to deliver solutions that are exact, future oriented, compliant and smart.