Attendance and Time Management

Managing multiple sites and multiple time-schedules simultaneously

Hook your Biometric attendance machine and Vanila-HR will do the rest

You have it all under control

Vanilla-HR allows managers and employees to better track their working hours through the Employee Self Service Portal.

Vanilla-HR makes it easy for the management to shift work schedules and periods of time off, such as holidays. This ensure that employees are properly compensated for their time at work in a simple but easy to manage platform.

Fully Integrated with other Functions

The Time and Attendance module is integrated with other tools such as Payroll, Calendars, and portals. Indeed you can get full records of individual, departmental as well company wide time and attendance analytics to assure equity and a healthy work environment.

Manage Time-Off Policies

Vanilla has an advanced accrual system that goes beyond sick and vacation days. HR can easily set rules that fit company code and comply with the internal regulations or labor law.

Time Tracking and Reports

With its advanced synchronization tools, Vanilla tracks time, creates accurate reports. Those tools allow you to gain insight into how your workforce work. With Master Calendars and Departmental Calendars, you can see who’s out at a glance, identify employees at risk of burnout, as well as make accurate Decisions related to staffing needs.

Cut Down on Calendar Confusion

Vanilla-HR provides an organization’s calendar that keeps information updated with respect to leave requests. The calendar can be shared at department level as well as cat company level leading to improved communication reducing internal conflicts.

Leave Management Made Easy

Vanilla Time Management and Leave Management Modules are integrated to provide fascinating results. From synchronizing with various attendance machines, consolidating requests, approvals, and accruals so you can manage vacations, sick leave, and PTO. System provides real time information for all relevant parties.

Assign a Bulk of Employees into a work shift