Work Environment

Employee and Manager Self Service Portals give access to a variety of customizable tools, essential employee information, Workflow & Petitions Management.

An Employee Self-service Portal

dedicated to relief your HR Department from the load of providing information to employees as well as handling various workflows and petitions

Employee Portal Access

Enjoy instantaneous access to various essential information such as your pay slips, attendance and leaves, job descriptions, performance reviews, company rules and regulations, calendar, ...

In addition, you can request various information using workflow and petition forms (inquiries, leave requests, petitions,...)

Manager Portal Access

Managers can enjoy additional features such as viewing department calendars, groups managements, assigning leaves in addition filling performance reviews and appraisals, and responding to various petitions and requests that require their approvals or acceptance in order to process.

Workflow - Create Customized Forms/Petitions

Users get to easily build various types of forms they may need in addition to using forms from the existing library.

Requests Management

Workflow can easily be fully automated. Various requests, attestations, petitions move through multi-stages with various decision making privileges depending on request, department and hierarchy. Even more, you can create your own flows for groups and manage routing with/without tracking.

Assign roles

users are assigned roles such as Accept/Reject or Approve/Decline and link the decisions to actions. For example, an approved leave request will lead to the automatic deduction from the employees leave balance.

Clarify Roles and Responsibilities

Once a form is complete, users can create a signing-order workflow complete with specific tasks, permissions, and alerts.

Custom Workflows

Notification bars and checklists allow for process automation, including the acknowledgment of completed tasks along with flags, reminders and escalations when there are delays or unjustified work piling. This assures your team that important processes will be completed on time.

Customizable Workflows

easily manage designing smart workflows with dynamic key features without the need to revert back to Vanilla-HR developers.

Pays slip

Employee can open detailed pay slips from current and previous periods.

Gain Complete Visibility

Workflows provide real-time visibility. Managers can immediately see where each workflow stands, what approvals have been completed, and those that have not.

Employee Portal: makes collaboration truly easy for an enhanced culture

The Employee Portal Provides users with lots of fascinating features, making workplace culture one of efficient collaboration, increased responsiveness and impressive reaching out.

The portal provides staff with full employee information such as job description, detailed personal information, work schedule and pay slips.  In addition, the portal is an excellent tool for communication whereby staff can check their performance reviews and communicate with their direct supervisor on performance measures/feedback as well as check for their current objectives and competencies. In addition, the portal gives employees access to online petitions and various workflow modules to follow with the HR Department on various requests.

A multitude of features

The portal provides employees with a expandable variety of features that include both informative and actionable content. For example, managers can use the portal to process various workflow requests without the need to access the system.

Employee Calendar

The employee Calendar can provide each employee with a variety of information including his leaves/abscensce, shared times, team members leaves, company holidays...

Keep track of approval workflows.

By tracking approvals, you can see exactly where the holdup is. It is also optional that requesters and admins can check the progress bar to see which workflow activities and approvals have been completed and by whom.

By automating workflows and HR processes, you can also free HR from tasks. Instead of pushing paper and managing processes, HR can focus on talent acquisition, employee engagement, retention strategies, and other strategic goals.

Employee self-service empowers your people.

Take burden off your department's back. Employee self-service empowers employees to check and update their own information without your help. You can include managers and supervisors in the approval process so everyone stays in the loop.

Attendance and Leaves Information real time

Employees can check their attendance check-in/check-out and leaves history real time by logging on their portal. No more hassle for HR Staff to provide the basic information that every employee could request.