RDC Consultants are Certified by Barrett Values Centre (BVC). BVC has over 20 years of experience providing the training, assessments, and support your organization needs to build and sustain a high performing, values-driven culture. We support your company in 1- SURVEYS & ASSESSMENTS: Reliably diagnose what is working and where attention is needed. 2- EDUCATION & TRAINING: Learn to effectively manage your leadership and culture development. 3- EXPERIENCED GUIDANCE: Optimize your culture through Consultative and Coaching support

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In just a few minutes of your time, The Personal Values Assessment reveals a wealth of fascinating insights into why you do what you do. When you do the assessment, you can feel free to send us the assessment results and we will gladly having a chat with you and explore how this assessment can take you into higher levels of understanding your relation with your company. It sure will be worthwhile to get to know you and explore how you can add value to your workplace. Our conversation will be completely free!! Let us build stronger Connections.

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Fouad Zein - BVC Certified Consultant

Strategy and Culture Alignment!!! You know your Business Best, You Control the Design and the Pace of Transformation. We Support you make it Happen.

Leadership & Culture are a priority

The business landscape is changing. Leadership is called to move beyond the traditional profit, revenue and cost-reduction KPI’s and toward addressing the triple bottom line; financial, social and environmental considerations. Human Performance Indicators –HPI’s are key metrics for success and long term sustainability.

As a BVC Consultant, we provide everything you need to support your organization either internally or externally, in measuring and managing a strong culture for your business.

FORBES asked 1400 North American CEO’s and CFO’s about the importance of their cultures to the organization’s success. The data is clear…

  • 90% said culture was important at their firms.

  • 50% said corporate culture influences productivity, creativity, profitability, firm value and growth rates.

  • 92% said they believed improving their firm’s corporate culture would improve the value of the company.

  • 15% said their firm’s corporate culture was where it needed to be.


When your people thrive, your organization thrives.

Which is why building your optimal culture begins with understanding the values at the root of it. Values – conscious or unconscious – are the motivation for every decision made or action taken. Employees have their own values when they walk in the door, and they are influenced everyday by the values they experience in your organization. Understanding the values currently at play is essential to put your wanted culture into action.

This is where our approach is uniquely effective. We have pioneered and continue to perfect ways to discover and activate your values to forge a targeted, measurable path towards a thriving culture.


A thriving culture is no longer a “nice-to-have.” It is among the most essential investments you can make in your organization, with far-reaching impacts on employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

The BVC Method™ offers a proven, comprehensive approach to culture and leadership development – with time-tested methodology, acclaimed tools and training, and a global network of BVC Certified Consultants.

From diagnosing issues to identifying solutions and monitoring progress, we have a long track record of supporting the success of organizations of every size and type.

Seven Levels of Consciousness

Powerful assessment tools fit for Individuals, corporations, communities, and nations

In-depth Business Analytics

The areas of the Business Needs Scorecard include—Finance, External Stakeholder Relations, Fitness, Evolution, Culture, and Societal Contribution. The Culture section breaks down into 3 sub-sets to help give greater clarity around key areas of focus. These areas are Trust/ Engagement, Direction/ Communication and Supportive Environment.

Business Needs Scorecard

Business Needs Scorecard is an indicator of what the person sees the organization to be currently focused on and what s/he would like the organization to focus on.

The Business Needs Scorecard (BNS) provides a business lens on the current and desired culture values in a Cultural Values Assessment. It maps the top values of a Values Plot onto a six-part scorecard. Each category aligns with different stakeholder needs.

A high performing culture shows an even distribution of values across all six segments of the scorecard. The Business Needs Scorecard is an adaptation of Kaplan and Norton’s Balanced Scorecard.

In a Cultural Values Assessment, the BNS is used as a diagnostic tool to identify where the organization is currently focusing its energies (current culture), and where the employees would like the company to focus its energies (desired culture).

In-depth and detailed analytic reports with meaningful human insights

Detailed reports are important to aiding you in getting a clear picture of your Culture. We take this powerful data and extract the key things that matter for you. We empower you to make data-informed human-driven decisions with your culture. All deliverable within 30 days from survey to presentation and delivery of results.

Full Analytics Reports

Our consultants can support design Transformation Plans, Conduct Trainings, Coach executives...

Barrett Culture and Leadership Assessments

The Cultural Transformation Tools enable you to identify and map the values of an individual, a team, an organization to the Seven Levels of Consciousness (Awareness) model.

Values Alignment: When we ask a group of people to pick ten values that represent who they are, how their organization/community/nation operates (current culture), and how they would like it to operate (desired culture) – we are able to measure the level of values alignment. Depending on the overall objectives of your leadership development program and broader organizational roadmap, assessments may include:

Team and Organizational Culture Assessments:

The Cultural Values Assessment (CVA) provides you with detailed understanding of the personal motivations of employees, their experience within the organization, and the direction the organization should be heading. CVA results generate deep, meaningful conversations about the purpose, priorities and strategy of the organization and the well-being of all stakeholders. The CVA provides a road map for achieving high performance, full-spectrum resilience and  sustainability. The CVA can be used in conjunction with the IVA and is also available as a Small Group Assessment (SGA) for up to 20 people to measure personal values and current and desired team/group culture.

Leadership Assessments:

The Leadership Values Assessment (LVA) is a powerful coaching tool for promoting self- awareness, personal transformation, and an understanding of the actions a leader needs to take to realize his or her full potential. The LVA compares a leader’s perception of his or her operating style with the perception of their superiors, peers and subordinates.  Emphasis is placed on a leader’s strengths, areas for improvement, and opportunities for growth. The LVA reveals the extent to which a leader’s behaviors help or hinder the performance of the organization, and to what extent fear influences decision-making. The LVA also measures the personal entropy and authenticity of a leader. Demographic categories, such as Boss, Peer, and Team member, may be added to an assessment in order to view responses by the relationship to the leader.

The Leadership Development Report (LDR) is a powerful coaching tool for promoting self- awareness, personal transformation, and an understanding of the actions a leader needs to take to realize his or her full potential. Includes self-assessment and assessor feedback on observed and requested values and behaviors. Reviews strengths/ development areas against 26 core behavior questions. Minimum of 10 respondents recommended.

Individual Assessments:

The Individual Values Assessment (IVA) deepens your understanding of what is important to you in your life and what changes are necessary for you to find personal fulfillment in your organization. The IVA provides insights into how well aligned as a leader you are with the culture of your organization.

Getting Started with Values:

Interested in leveraging values to ignite growth in your organization? We support you to unlock the power of values through:

1. Cultural Evolution measuring and managing team/organizational culture using the  Cultural Transformation Tools to surface the invisible factors driving performance and engagement and grow a healthy team culture.

2. Executive Coaching: Leadership Values Assessment as part of a coaching program

3. Leadership Development:  “Why Personal Values Matter” or “Personal Values in Action” learning experience for your leaders.

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