Vanilla Enterprise Resource Planning System

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Core Features

  • Vanilla ERP Customizable Interface

    Fully customizable

    All our features can be modified and tailored to your exact needs. With your requirements we can add additional modules, reports and interfaces.

  • Vanilla ERP User Friendly Interface

    User friendly

    This solution has a friendly interface which is developed for easy and direct access to all vital functions with minimal to no IT skills required.

  • Vanilla ERP Cloud

    Cloud based solution

    Built in the clouds, this solution is available anytime anywhere allowing you to take benefit of all evolutionary technologies related to web in terms of functionality and development.

  • Vanilla ERP Secure and Reliable

    Secure and reliable

    Work in a secure and safe environment, ensuring confidentiality and security, preventing unwanted access to system features and modules with no risk of losing data.

  • Vanilla ERP Support

    World class support

    Service & Support is one of our strongest features and is what diferentiates us form the rest of our competitors.

  • Vanilla ERP Features

    Wide range of features

    Vanilla is not just about managing your organizational needs, you will also benefit from other complementary services from AEIUCM.

  • Vanilla ERP Multi Organization

    Multi-organization and branches

    Vanilla offers you the ability to manage multiple organizations. Each organization also might have multiple branches. The modules installed in a certain branch maybe the same in another branch but they are completely seperate.

  • Vanilla ERP Multiple Language

    Supports multiple languages

    Vanilla provides multiple language support including English, French and Arabic.

  • Vanilla ERP Third-psrty Integration

    Third-party applications

    Vanilla has the ability to integrate third-party solutions you use on a daily basis such as attendance machines, bar-code scanners and more.

Core Modules

  • Performance Appraisal

    Performance Appraisal

  • Supplier and Customer Management

    Supplier/Customer Management

  • Accounting Module


  • Asset Management

    Asset Management

  • Online Recruitment

    Online Recruitment

  • Working Hours Schedule

    Working Hours Schedule

  • Enterprise Resource Planning Security Management

    Security Management

  • Reports and Analytics

    Reports and Analytics

  • Employee Management

    Employee Management

  • Budgeting


  • Inventory Valuation

    Inventory Valuation

  • Petty Cash

    Petty Cash


What is Vanilla?

"Vanilla" is a comprehensive and innovative Enterprise Resource Planning online solution for your organization. It implements the standard software modules of core business processes, usually combined with customization for competitive differentiation.

How to become a partner ?

To know more about our partners and how to join us, please visit AEIUCM

How can I install Vanilla at my organization??

Vanilla is a complete cloud based solution, you are not required to install anything on your computer, all you need is an internet connection and once signed up, you are able to operate on Vanilla using one of the recommended browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.

How secure is my data ?

We realize that your data must be protected from loss and unauthorized access, and must be available whenever you need it. That's why our security levels are at best and guarantee that your data will be secured from unauthorized outside and internal access.

What type of support do you offer ?

Our technical support can assist you with any problems you may face. Support is provided throughout the week (email, phone, skype) and on-site visits*

Our support is not limited to technical only. It also covers implementation level support to assist you on site* with your daily operation needs.

*conditions apply

How safe is my data from being lost?

Though our servers and systems are built using the best technology available and we use preventive measures against data loss to ensure that your data is maintained, your data is always backed up and available for you whenever you need. You will also be able to back up your data on the go and keep them on your premises.

What reports does Vanilla include ?

Vanilla includes a wide range of reports depending on the modules you have installed. You will get at least the basic common reports for each module and more. Reports can be exported to other formats as well.